October 16, 2011

My Hajj With Children

My Hajj Assalam Alaikum,
I am just back from Hajj and I must say I just feel exhausted but at the same time very nostalgic already. When I think of my experience there I am in awe. I feel very serene and content like I have not felt for a while; I still pray to Allah that my Hajj has been accepted. (Amin)

Hajj was hard. It was hot. I went with my three kids (including an infant and a toddler). During my Hajj I constantly reminded myself of the great purpose of being there, just to keep me focused to get the maximum benefit of Hajj (du'a, meditating, remembering Allah).

The Trip We had to rent a room from a resident of Makkah. To make a long story short; the room was very expensive, in bad shape with very poor accommodation. The only good thing is that it was very close to Masjid el Haram. People who come with a travel agency should not meet this issue and get a room in a hotel. Since we went on our own we could not find a room in a hotel because they were all already booked by companies.

Lessons Learned

My tips are to be ready spiritually and physically ..literally.

I mean try to make peace with yourself and your friends and relatives even if there is any discords or personal issues in your life; send a note or email telling how much they matter, etc...

Read books about Hajj such as the rulings, the fiq etc... get some knowledge about the subject so you don't need to count on a guide! Islamonline has great resources about the matter, as well as questions and answers.

Also a good diet is a must. Forget about sugar and fatty foods before going and while being there; dates, nuts and water are excellent foods for Hajj.

Most Memorable Moments My most memorable moment was when my family and I found ourselves sandwiched in the crowd; I was panicked worrying for my kids then with Allah's grace a haji came to help my husband carrying my child.

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