October 16, 2011

Authorized U.S. Travel Agents for Hajj & Umrah Trips

This list of authorized licensed agents in the United States is up-to-date as of 2011 (1432 H.), according to the website of the Ministry of Hajj. This list is alphabetical and implies no endorsement of any individual travel agency. Pilgrims are advised to contact several different agencies to compare services and prices before making a decision. Reservations should be made well ahead of the Hajj season in order to ensure availability, as agents have a limited number of spaces in each group.

Abu Muaaz Hajj & Umrah Tours Tel. 1-718-805-3503
Adam Travel Services Inc. Tel. 1-617-367-7155
Airlink Tours and Travel Inc. Tel. 1-561-416-2033
Al Salam Tours Tel: 1-619-208-2964
Al Ansar Travel Inc. Tel. 1-646-243-7946
Al-Aqsa Hajj Services Tel. 1-718-833-4963
Aleman Groups Inc. Tel. 1-212-967-9679
Al Haramain Hajj, Umrah and Travel Services Tel. 1-832-618-3373
Al Hoda Hajj Group USA Tel. 1-925-901-1425
Al Madeena Travels Tel. 1-646-610-0740
American Hajj Union Tel. 1-202-737-1115
Arafa Travel And Tour Tel. 1-718-777-8744
Assabeel Inc. Tel. 1-734-223-9495
Assafa Travel and Tours Tel. 1-718-863-1663
Barakah Hajj & Umrah Tel. 1-630-600-4677
Caravan Travel Inc. Tel. 1-732-225-4050
Dar Alsalam Hajj And Umrah Tel. 1-313-945-5777
Dar Elsalam Import Export Travel Tel. 1-212-725-2022
Eagle Travel and Trade Tel. 1-313-581-783
Elmadina Travel Corp Tel: 1-718-956-2000
Elsafa Travel Corp Tel. 1-718-956-2000
EZ Hajj Groups Tel. 1-201-960-7980
Flying Angel Tel. 1-973-624-9111
Grand Travel And Tours Inc Tel. 1-703-532-0444
Hamza Travel and Tours Tel. 1-718-507-4949
Heaven Tours Tel. 1-323-931-2184
Hermain Tours and Travel Tel. 1-773-267-2000
Hilal Hajj and Umrah Travel Tel. 1-630-893-4254
Makkah Tours And Travel Inc. Tel. 1-773-338-0720
Manasik Tickets Corp. Tel. 1-201-420-7111
Maram Tours and Travel Tel. 1-347-575-7971
Miraj Travel And Tours Tel. 1-703-534-0002
Mohajerin Tel. 1-718-651-5888
Parvaz E Noor Tours and Travel Tel. 1-310-477-9400
Relief Box Of The Poor Tel. 1-951-662-1010
Salama for Hajj and Umrah Tel. 1-206-762-3146
Sama Tours For Hajj and Omrah Tel. 1-510-701-1003
Sara International Travel Tel. 1-718-848-1222
Smart Travel USA Tel. 1-313-938-9300
Zamzam Travel and Tours Tel. 1-202-631-1505

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