August 11, 2011

Where do animals go when they die? in Islam

Animals will be resurrected on the day of Qiyaamat, their disputes among each other settled and they will be turned into sand.

Sayyiduna Amr ibn al-Aas [radhiallaahu anhum] mentions, ?The earth will be flattened on the day of Qiyaamat, Jinns, humans, animals and creatures will be resurrected. On the day, Allah will command the animals to take revenge (from the one who oppressed it) to such an extent that if a horned sheep tossed a hornless sheep, it will avenge it. When Allah resolves the matter of retaliation between animals, He will order them to turn into sand. When the disbeliever sees this, he will say, ?How nice if I was also turned into sand.? (Musnad Abu Dawud pg.248)

and Allah Ta'ala Knows Best

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