August 11, 2011

About Haraam and Kaafir

The issue of abusing the Sahabah (Radhiyallahu anhum) takes on various forms. Hereunder follows some related points.

1. It is Haraam to abuse the Sahabah (Radhiyallahu anhum)

2. Normally, a person who does so is regarded as one of the worst sinners, but would not be a Kaafir.

3. If, Allah forbid, a person falsely accuses Hadhrat Aaisha (Radhiyallahu anha) or any of the other Ummahaatul Mu?mineen of Zinaa, he is a Kaafir.

4. If, Allah forbid, a person says that most or all of the Sahabah (Radhiyallahu anhum) became murtad (renegade) after Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wa sallam), or become sinners after him, such a person is a Kaafir.

5. If one considers it permissible to abuse the Sahabah(Radhiyallahu anhum), such a person is Kaafir.

6. If one regards it as a light matter to abuse the Sahabah (Radhiyallahu anhum), such a person is a kaafir.

We trust this answers your question.

And Allah Ta'ala knows best

Was Salaam

E. Vawda
for Daarul Iftaa

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