January 20, 2012

News Of Unseen Miracles

News Of Unseen
One day Hazrate Sayyed-ena Hazrat-e-Sayyed-e-na Sheikh Auhad-ud-Deen Kirmani and Hazrate Sayyed-e-na Sheikh Shahab-ud-Din Soharwardi were sitting in one place, a boy (Sultan Shams-ud-Din Altamsh) passed from there, carrying a bow and arrow. On seeing him Huzoor Gharib Nawaz said that, this child will become the king of Delhi, and ultimately this was what happened, after a short period of time he became the King of Delhi.

The word which came out of Your mouth finally did occur. When said during daylight that it is night, night indeed did it became.

Dear Islamic Brethren! It is possible that Satan might put the deceiving thought in someone's heart that the knowledge of the unseen is with Allah only, how did Khwaja Gharib Nawaz give the news of the unseen? The entreaty to this is that no doubt Allah is the one who has the knowledge of the unseen and the seen. His knowledge of the unseen is His own and has been there since always, whereas the knowledge of the unseen which the Prophets and the Saints have is given to them and was not always with them. They have it from the time Allah gave them and have as much as they were given. They do not have even the minimum without Him telling them.

It is possible that someone might get this deceiving thought that when Allah revealed it then the secret did not remain secret. The answer to this is mentioned ahead that the Quran has stated the knowledge of the unseen of the Prophets is the knowledge of the unseen. Now the knowledge of how much was given or revealed is with the Giver and the receiver. It stated about the knowledge of the unseen of Divinely chosen of all the Prophets and the Apostles: And he is not niggardly as to the disclosing of unseen. On the basis of this Quranic verse it states in Khazin, 'It means that the King of Madeenah receives the knowledge of the unseen so He does not hide it from you but infact teaches you." It is learnt from this verse and its commentary that Allah's Beloved, the one knowing hidden things teaches people the knowledge of the unseen and it is obvious that the one who knows it, is the one who teaches it. It states about the knowledge of the unseen of Is a that: And tell to you whatever you eat and what you store in your houses. No Doubt, in these things there is a great sign for you if you believe.

Dear Islamic Brethren! In the above verse Sayyed-ena Isa very clearly announces that what ever you eat is revealed to me and whatever you save and keep at home is also revealed. If this is not the knowledge of unseen then what is this? When greatness of Hazrate Sayyed-e-na Isa is so grand then what about the greatness of the master of Is a, the wonderful Mustafa? What is it that must have been left hidden from him? He has with his eyes seen Allah who is the unseen of unseen.

What other hidden secret could remain hide from you When Allah did not hide His ownself from you billions of durood on you.

Anyway Allah has given the knowledge of the unseen to the Prophets and surely to renounce that the Prophets have this knowledge means the refusal to accept the above Quranic verses. The greatness of the Prophets is very grand, and due to the bounty of the Prophets even the Saints can give the news of the unseen. Hence Shaikh Abdul Haq muhaddis Dehlavi has quoted Huzoor Ghouse-ul-Azam in AL-AKHBAAR-UL-AKHYAAR: Had the shariah no prohibited me to speak I would have told you what you eat at home and was kept there, I know the inside and outside of yours, because you are like a glass in front of me. Hazrat-e-Maulana Roomi says in MASNAWI SHARIF:

The divine tablet is in front of the eyes of the Saints. Which is free from any error.

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