January 20, 2012

The Leftover of Majzoob (One Lost in Divine Mediation) - Miracles

The Leftover of Majzoob (One Lost in Divine Mediation)

An incident of the childhood of Hazrat Sayyed-e-na Khwaja Gharib Nawaz is that once He was watering His garden when the famous majzoob of that period Hazrate Sayyed-e-na Ibrahim Qandouzi entered the garden. The moment He saw that pious person, He immediately left all the work and ran and greeted Him with salaam, kissed His hands and made Him sit under the shadows of a tree, with respect and then presented a bunch of grapes to Him with great submissiveness.

The friend of Allah was flattered by the way of the young gardener. He happily, took out a piece of Khali (oilcake) from his pouch and had a bite from it and then put into Khwaja Sahib's mouth. As soon as the piece of Khali went down the throughout, the feelings of Khwaja Sahib's heart changed and the heart became disgusted towards the world. He sold everything which he owned, including a garden which he inherited, and a windmill, at a very minimal cost and spent all the money and other possessions in the path leading to Allah. And took permission from his mother and left the house, at the age of fifteen years for the path leading to Allah in order to earn religious education. Allah bestowed a lot of blessings on Him and He became a leader of Saints and the uncrowned King of India.

The ones who spend the night sleeping negli-gently are awakened by. The years and years of sleepless nights of Yours.

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