November 30, 2011

Dua, Durood, Sunnah

Dua, Durood, Sunnah

Alhamdulillah it is that time again for the dua, durood, and sunnah of the week. Every week we have been mentioning a dua to incorporate into our daily duas for the week, a durood to add into our daily durood recitation for the week and a sunnah that we should incorporate into our daily practice for the week and keep practicing upon these for the rest of our lives insha'Allah. Every week we should have these three additions in our practice or for those people who already have them memorized then this weekly post would be used as a reminder to practice upon these things daily insha'Allah.

The dua to memorize for this week and incorporate into our daily duas is:
A very beautiful dua. We should make dua for our parents everyday. They say that children forget their childhood but parents remember the toil and trouble they had to endure to raise their children. The mother remembers the distress she was in while carrying her children, while in labor and delivering her child, while waking up in the middle of the night because her child was crying and staying up to ensure her child slept peacefully. A father will voluntarily stay hungry but fill the stomach of his children with good food. Our parents do so much for us, we can never repay them. Ask those people who lost their mother or father how much they would love to hear the voice of their mother once more or to see their father once more. Your parents are still alive, so make avail. Spend time with them, do their service. A time will come that you will regret not doing enough. So let us make dua for them!

The durood for this week is Durood Ibrahim. This is a very blessed durood, let us memorize it and bring into our daily recitation of durood:
The sunnah we want to incorporate into practice for this week is a sunnah that most people forget to do upon waking up, rubbing both eyes with the palms of the hand. Non Muslims might also do this action upon waking up or this action might be a norm in other cultures or maybe it just comes naturally for us to do it upon waking up and we have become habitual of it, however, when we do it we should do it with the intention of it being a sunnah of the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam.

Let us bring these three things into daily practice for this week and insha'Allah into daily practice for the rest of our lives, may Allah swt make it easy, ameen! .

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