October 21, 2011



Just as it is necessary to know Allah's self. characteristics, and attributes, it is also as important to know what aspects should be present in a Prophet and what should not be, so that a person can be protected from infidelity.

Meaning of a Messenger (Rasool): Messenger means He who brings the message from the Lord to the servants.Who is a ProphetA Prophet is the person who received the 'Wahi' (revelation) meaning a message from Allah for the guidance of mankind to show people the path to the lord. Whether this message came via angels to the Prophet or whether the knowledge was given direct to the Prophet from the lord. Many Prophets and many angels are Messengers (Rasools). All Prophets were male, nor has a Jinn ever been a Prophet nor has there been a female Prophet. One cannot be a Prophet due to worship or perseverance, but become a Prophet due to Allah's will, and therefore a person's effort does not make them favourable. Hence, Allah makes only them a Prophet who he deems fit and are born like so, and always stay away from sin even before becoming a Prophet and also are always attracted to good. There is never an aspect in a Prophet that people would hate.

Prophet's walking, conduct, looks, features, nobility and family.

A Prophet's walk, conduct, looks, features, nobility, family, ways, manner, talk and conversation are all good and free from faults. A prophet's intelligence is complete. A Prophet is the most clever out of all people. The highest qualified doctor or philosopher's intelligence does not reach even a millionth part of the Prophet's intelligence. Those who believe that they can become Prophet due to their effort are infidels (Kafir) and those who believe that a Prophet's prophecy can be taken away from them are also infidels.

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