September 2, 2011

Shawwal ka Mahina

Is the tenth month of the Islamic Calendar. Meaning of the word Shawwaal:- Uplift/breakage. Before Islam, Arabs believed that any marriage held in Shawwaal would always turn out to be unsuccessful. Hence, the month deprived the above metioned meanings, however the superstitious belief was later abolished.

  The month Shawwaal:- 
From the months of Hajj, Shawwaal is the first of them. The first day of Shawwaal is Eid-Ul-Fitr and also the day when sins are forgiven.

  Six fasts of Shawwaal:-
In the month of Shawwaal it is Sunnah to keep six fasts, as narrated in the following Hadeeth by Abu Ayyub Ansari (R.A) that the Holy prophet Hazrat Mohammed (saw) has said, "If one throughout his life keeps the fasts of Ramadhaan and keeps six consecutive fasts in Shawwaal it will be as though he has kept a whole life time of fasts, and if one keeps the six consecutive fasts for one Shawwaal month it will be as though he has observed fast all year round." (Muslim)

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