September 22, 2011

Allah's favour and our behaviour

Brethren ! Look at the favour of your Master. He takes from you things which belong to Him and yet says: " I have purchased this thing from you and I shall pay you for it". Allah-o-Akbar (be glory to Allah). What an unbounded munificence it is! The Qur'an says:

"Lo! Allah hath bought from the believers their lives and their wealth in return for the Paradise which will be theirs."( 9 : 3 )

This is the attitude of the Master towards you. And now look at your behaviour. You sell away a thing to others which was given to you by your Master and which He had also bought back from you against payment. And this selling is done for a paltry compensation. The buyers take work from you against the wishes of the Master and you serve them thinking that they are your sustainers. You sell them your brains, your hands ad feet, the energy of your body and all that which these rebels of God want to buy. Can there be a greater moral turpitude than this. To sell a thing already sold out is a legal and moral crime. Those guilty of such crimes are tried in this world's courts for cheating and fraud. Do you think that no suit will be filed against them in the court of God ?

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