August 24, 2011

4 things to do during this month

Four things to do during this month:

The Prophet [may Allah's peace and blessing be up him] stated that there are for things we should do during this month. Two that bring about Allah's happiness and two that are for you, the servant of Allah.

1. To say lai laha illah allah in abundance

2. To make istighfar [saying Oh Allah I seek your forgiveness]

3. Asking Allah for paradise. I would suggest that you ask Allah to grant the entire Ummah Paradise as such a dua, in your brothers and sisters absence, will be a means for the malaikah to pray for you. Thus, if you make this dua for the 1.3 billion Muslims the world over, 1.3 billion malaikah will supplicate the same for you!

4. Ask Allah to save you from the fire of Hell.

We ask Allah to bless you, raise and illuminate you. We ask Allah to give our brothers and sisters the strength to overcome their souls. We ask Allah to bless the new Muslims, give them the correct understanding and make them good examples for the society. We ask Allah to unite husbands and wives, to bring children back to their parents and parents back to their children. Remember that this is the month of forgiveness dear brothers and sisters. So, if you would like Allah to bestow His mercy upon you, then bestow your mercy on others.

Asalamu alaykum wa rahmatullah


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