July 28, 2010


Shab-e-Baraat (Laylatul Nifsul Shaban) is the night when Allah the Almighty arranges the affairs of the following year. It is a night of worship and prayers for all Muslims. It is celebrated as the night of accountability. In their language “Shab” means night and “Barat” means “the night of assignment or commission.” It is also called by names: Sob-e-barat, Sab-e-baraat and Boraks Nigh.


Shab-e-barat is held either on the 13th day or the 14th day of Shaban, the 8th month in the Muslim calendar. This day happens to be on fifteen days before the beginning of Ramadan.

Nawafil for Shab-e-Baraat
1. Read 6 rakaat Nafl prayer (2+2+2), after Magrib. After every two rakaats read Surah Yaseen once. This special prayer, by the blessing of Allah Almighty, will give you a healthy and prosperous life for the whole year.
2. Read 12 rakaat nafl prayer, in each rakaat read:
o Surah Fatiha (Alhamdo) : once
o Surah Iklas: 10 times.
Afterwards read:
o 3rd Kalima : 10 times
o 4th Kalima : 10 times
o Darood Sharif : 100 times
Third Kalima Tamjeed (Exaltation)
Fourth Kalima Tawheed (Oneness)
3. Read 8 rakaat nafl prayer with one salaam. In each rakaat read
o Surah Fatiha : once
o Surah Iklas : 11 times
Hazrat Fatima (May Allah be pleased with her) is reported to have said that whoever will observe this prayer, on Shab-e-Baraat and will present its reward (sawab) to my soul, I will strongly recommend for his/her forgiveness to Allah Almighty before I enter the heavens.
4. The Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) used to read this dua abundantly on this night, we should do the same:
Allahumma inni al-aloka afwa wal afiyata wal muafatad-daimata fid dunya wal akhirah
5. Read 100 rakaat naflt prayer reciting in each rakaat reciting :
o Surah Fatiha : Once
o Surah Iklas : 10 times
The person observing this prayer on Shab-e-Baraat will have tremedous blessings from Allah Almighty and his/her prayers will be answered and will be made free from the fire of hell and will go to paradise.
Nafl Prayers for the night of Isra and Miraj
* Peform 12 raka’at nafl salah with one salaam
* In each raka’at pray Alhamdu once and Qul Huwallah 3 times
* After salaam read 100 times
Subhanallahi wal humdu lillahi wa la elaha illal lahu walllahu akber
* Then read 100 times
Astaghfirullaha rabbi min kulli zunbin wa atbu elaihi
* Then read 100 times Darood Sharif
* Then make dua

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